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Whizzarding Potion Party


This Wizarding Potion Party kit will ensure the birthday child and all your party guest will have a truly magical time.

Your Party box with everything for the potions will arrive one week before your party and your dry ice will arrive the day before, special delivery straight from our dry ice suppliers. This will ensure you have lots of dry ice to experiment with and of course for the party itself. 

I have provided a step by step guide in the form of a lesson plan from the Potions Professor (unless, of course, the twins got their hands on it) that talks you through each stage of the party, so as well as keeping you on track, you’re also proving a real show for the kids just by reading it to them.

I have also included an introduction to dry ice and the safety measures that should be taken when handling or using around children. 

I want to make sure the party is as stress free as possible, so you also have access to a video showing you what each potion looks like and how to do it. You will also get some hits and tip in this video.

Your party kit contains everything you need for: 

  • Smog cauldron
  • Bubbling bog potion
  • Popping stink jars
  • Smoke bombs
  • Good cheer potion
  • Oobleck slime that changes from solid to liquid


We recomend this party kit for 8-12 children and the potions class will last between 40 and 50 minuets. You can do all the potions one after the other or split them up before and after party food.

Party kits with a Friday dry ice delivery (for parties on a saturday) £125

Party Kits with a saturday dry ice delivery (for parties on a Sunday) £150

Please call or email us to book you kits. 




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